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Florals Inspired by Your Wedding Gown

Last week we covered how to properly store your wedding gown. This week we're at taking a look at how your wedding gown can inspire your florals. Next week join us for a segment about the difference between A-line and ballgown silhouettes and how to find out which one is right for you!

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If you found Gigi’s Bridal’s blog chances are you haven’t started shopping for your wedding dress yet and are doing your research or you’ve tried on a few gowns and are starting to feel stuck. Either way, welcome and thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey. Each week we break down all things wedding dress shopping and aim to simplify your journey of saying yes to your dress. If you’re reading our blog, we post accompanying videos every Thursday on all our social media platforms, including YouTube. Gigi’s Bridal promises to always keep it real and honest. If you have questions about anything you hear here or something you’d like for us to cover please reach out to us. I promise you’re not alone.

When designing the rest of your wedding day turning to your wedding dress may be a good starting point if you’re feeling stuck. After all, your wedding dress embodies all your favorite things and evokes your most condiment self. The inspiration for wedding flowers often draws from the style, color palette, and overall theme of the wedding, including the design of the wedding gown. Here are some ways in which wedding gowns can inspire the choice of flowers at a wedding:

  1. Color Coordination: The color of the wedding gown can heavily influence the choice of flower colors. Brides may choose flowers that complement or match the color of their gown. For example, if the gown is ivory, the flowers might include soft pastels or whites.

  2. Texture and Fabric: The texture of the wedding gown fabric can influence the choice of flowers. If the gown is intricate and detailed, brides may opt for simple, elegant flowers that complement rather than compete with the gown's texture. (Check out this gown! This is an example of a n intricate gown with a lot of texture that will need careful selection of florals so the bouquet does not compete with the gown.)

  3. Bouquet Style: The style of the wedding gown, particularly the neckline and silhouette, can influence the choice of bouquet. For instance, a strapless gown may pair well with a cascading bouquet, while a sleek, modern gown may be complemented by a structured and compact bouquet. You will want to keep in mind the proportions of bouquet to dress. For example, a bouquet can look large when holding it in your regular clothes but against a ballgown it can look tiny! (Check out this gown! This is an example of a ballgown where you will want to be mindful of proportions!)

  4. Seasonal Considerations: The season in which the wedding takes place can also influence the choice of flowers. Brides may choose blooms that are in season and complement the overall aesthetic of the wedding gown.

Your personal style plays the most significant role when designing the florals for your wedding day. Each element of your wedding day is a reflection of you and that is no different for your florals. Your wedding gown serves as a point of reference that can guide various aesthetic decisions, including the choice of flowers. The goal is to create a cohesive and harmonious look that reflects the couple's unique style and the overall theme of the wedding.

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