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Don't Set It & Forget It! How and where to store your wedding gown to avoid last minute emergencies.

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If you found Gigi’s Bridal’s blog chances are you haven’t started shopping for your wedding dress yet and are doing your research or you’ve tried on a few gowns and are starting to feel stuck. Either way, welcome and thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey. Each week we break down all things wedding dress shopping and aim to simplify your journey of saying yes to your dress. If you’re reading our blog, we post accompanying videos every Thursday on all our social media platforms, including YouTube. Gigi’s Bridal promises to always keep it real and honest. If you have questions about anything you hear here or something you’d like for us to cover please reach out to us. I promise you’re not alone.

After purchasing your wedding gown and before you wear it for your wedding day, keep in mind how and where you store your gown is critical to avoid a last minute emergency. Here are a few tips when considering your options of storing your wedding gown:

  1. Choose the Right Storage Area: Select a storage area that is cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing your gown in basements, attics, or places prone to temperature and humidity fluctuations. If you have the option, consider storing your gown in a climate-controlled storage unit. This can help maintain a stable environment, minimizing the risk of damage due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. 

  2. Avoid Plastic Bags: Do not store your gown in plastic bags, as they can trap moisture and cause the fabric to yellow over time. Instead, opt for a breathable garment bag made of fabric or acid-free materials. Often your bridal boutique will provide you with a bag for your wedding gown; this would be your best bet for storage.

  3. Hanging: Never hang your gown on wire hangers, as they can cause distortion and stress points on the fabric over time. When hanging your gown use the inner lingerie straps and not the actual sleeves of the gown. Using the sleeves to hang your wedding dress can cause them to stretch and compromise the fit of the gown, especially if the weight of the gown is significant (i.e. heavily beaded)

  4. Check Regularly: Occasionally check your gown to ensure it's still in good condition. As you approach your big day, check on the gown frequently. Thoroughly inspect the gown to spot any defects that can be addressed before your wedding day.

These steps are simple yet important to avoid any last minute emergencies before your wedding day.

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Join us next week! We are talking about how your wedding dress can inspire your florals.

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