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An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Future Gigi's Bridal Brides: 

If you have found Gigi's Bridal, I am going to guess that you are not only on the search for your dream wedding gown but you seek a wedding gown that amplifies who you are as you are today; a gown that excites your heart and gives you that sparkle in your eye. I am here to tell you that Gigi's Bridal was created with that exact feeling in mind.  

Gigi's Bridal is where you will find more than just your wedding gown, you will explore your confidence and style in a way that I guarantee will surprise you and swing the doors of your heart open. Each element of a gown is an opportunity to share a piece of your style and tell a story of who you are. At Gigi's Bridal, you will find the gown of your dreams and walk out with so much more; a resounding experience that sets a match to your inner confidence that will stay with you long after your wedding day.

When you step into Gigi's Bridal you are met with an eclectic and serotonin-boostin' bridal boutique design that teleports you to an invigorating and exciting space. There you will find that your creativity is clear and endless, allowing you to open your heart to trust the journey to your dream wedding gown. 

Our thoughtfully curated size-inclusive selection of lightly loved wedding gowns spans various styles for you to lean into the journey. Whether you are shopping for your elopement or big extravaganza saying "yes!" to the dress at Gigi's Bridal allows you to walk out with your wedding gown the same day. The gown in all her glory is all yours. 


I believe that personal style has no bounds and that your wedding gown is no different. Our aim is for you to be excited by the possibilities at Gigi's Bridal, to confidently try on gowns until you spark an organic and joyous connection with the one



Gigi's Daughter 



Gigi's Daughter

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