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Wedding gowns for the love at first sight bride! 

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My name is Maryam, proud and passionate owner of Gigi's Bridal. Gigi's Bridal was born in 2019, after many hills and valleys, I am so excited to be opening our doors Winter 2023.

My tip: Try something new. It will surprise you. 

Meet me over here to learn more about our story.

Hello Beautiful


While we work on opening the doors of Gigi's Bridal,

we have some exciting news to share!

I'm stoked to share I am a fellow inside the 2023 Class of WeddingPro's Fellowship for Change! As a fellow, I've been selected to be part of an eight-month program that gives pros in their first years of business the opportunity to pursue their passions. Make sure to follow @WeddingPro to meet my peers. #meetthechange

Thank you for being here. 🌷

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