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Bridal Sizing: How did we get here?

Last week we deconstructed wedding dresses for elements that elevate. This week we are beginning at two part series beginning with bridal sizing and how we ended up here. Our series continues next week with a forward look into the bridal industry amd where do we go from here.

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If you found Gigi’s Bridal’s blog chances are you haven’t started shopping for your wedding dress yet and are doing your research or you’ve tried on a few gowns and are starting to feel stuck. Either way, welcome and thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey. Each week we break down all things wedding dress shopping and aim to simplify your journey of saying yes to your dress. If you’re reading our blog, we post accompanying videos every Thursday on all our social media platforms, including YouTube. Gigi’s Bridal promises to always keep it real and honest. If you have questions about anything you hear here or something you’d like for us to cover please reach out to us. I promise you’re not alone.

Planning your dream wedding is a journey, and at the heart of it all is finding that perfect wedding dress. At Gigi’s Bridal, we understand that the path to your wedding dress can be as unique as your love story. Today, let's embark on a exploration of the evolution of bridal sizing – a journey that celebrates inclusivity, authenticity, and the joy of finding a dress that feels like it was made just for you.

Early 20th Century: Picture yourself in the early 20th century, where wedding dresses were a true expression of individuality. Custom-made or tailored to fit your unique measurements, each gown was a labor of love. There was no rush to conform to standardized sizing – it was about embracing your uniqueness and feeling utterly yourself on your special day.

Mid-20th Century: As we step into the mid-20th century, ready-to-wear fashion takes center stage. Bridal wear joins the movement, adopting sizing systems that align with trends in everyday fashion. However, what sets your wedding dress apart is that it's uniquely yours. Between designers and manufacturers, variations persist to ensure your dress retains that special charm.

1960s-1980s: Fast forward to the swinging '60s and the vibrant '80s, where the fashion industry's influence on bridal wear flourishes. Sizing charts become your best friend, helping you navigate the world of wedding dresses with ease. Yet, the unique construction and fabrics maintain that touch of magic, because, after all, your dress is no ordinary garment – it's a celebration of your style and personality.

Late 20th Century to Early 21st Century:

In the late 20th century, a new challenge arises – vanity sizing. We get it – every bride deserves to feel incredible on her wedding day. That's why we embrace alterations as part of the purchasing process. Your dress should fit you like a dream, boosting your confidence and letting your radiant spirit shine.

Gigi’s Bridal is a high vibe sample bridal boutique in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are challenging the traditional look and feel of a bridal boutique. When you buy your wedding dress at Gigi’s Bridal you walk out with more than just your dress. You leave our high vibe boutique with an edge to your confidence and a cherished memory. We thrive on translating your personal style to your wedding day look. Our goal is that you feel like the most confident version of yourself on your wedding day— and when walk out of Gigi’s Bridal.

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