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Elements that Elevate

Last week we covered the difference between A-line and ballgown silhouettes and how to find out which one is right for you! This week we are deconstructing wedding dresses for elements that elevate. Next week we are beginning at two part series beginning with bridal sizing and how we ended up here.

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If you found Gigi’s Bridal’s blog chances are you haven’t started shopping for your wedding dress yet and are doing your research or you’ve tried on a few gowns and are starting to feel stuck. Either way, welcome and thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey. Each week we break down all things wedding dress shopping and aim to simplify your journey of saying yes to your dress. If you’re reading our blog, we post accompanying videos every Thursday on all our social media platforms, including YouTube. Gigi’s Bridal promises to always keep it real and honest. If you have questions about anything you hear here or something you’d like for us to cover please reach out to us. I promise you’re not alone.

Selecting the ideal wedding dress is an intricate process, and at Gigi's Bridal, we approach it with a wealth of expertise, ensuring that every bride's journey is marked by confidence and elegance. In the intricate world of wedding dress design, our commitment at Gigi's Bridal is to unravel the unique elements that define a truly exceptional gown. From the nuanced color palette to the dynamic silhouette, the neckline that accentuates your features, and the meticulous beading that adds the perfect touch – each element is meticulously considered.

Now, turning our attention to structural nuances – the backbone of your bridal look. Our belief is that choosing a wedding dress should be a discerning and empowering experience. Let's delve into key details that not only enhance your natural beauty but also align seamlessly with your personal style, ensuring a sophisticated and curated aesthetic.

Consider the peek-a-boo leg or a slit – a strategic touch of sensuality that maintains an elevated elegance. This option is particularly curated for brides who seek a balance between allure and refinement. If you are one of our warm-bodies brides then a slit is for you! This is the prime way to get some air flow underneath all those layers of fabric.

Moving on to the timeless corset bodice – a visual spectacle coupled with practicality. This choice provides exceptional support for the bust, featuring structured boning and lacing to sculpt a flawless, classic hourglass silhouette. If you need a dress that supports the girlies up top and makes you feel secure on your wedding day, a corseted bodice is the way to go. The already existing support can save you money when it comes to alterations. More than a dress, it is a deliberate choice for confident poise.

For those captivated by romantic aesthetics, the off-the-shoulder style stands as a hallmark of elegance. Versatile, feminine, and adaptable to various body types, this style skillfully accentuates the neckline and collarbone, emanating a classic charm. Keep in mind! Off the shoulder gowns are practical for the ceremony however, as you move into your reception you're going to want full range of motion to hug your loved ones and break it down on the dance floor. To do this you can either (1) have the sleeves removed entirely or (2) pull the sleeves up to your shoulder so you still get coverage!

Now, let's explore the plunging neckline – a choice that exudes grace and elongates the neck, contributing to a statuesque appearance. This option, strategically designed for brides seeking a touch of allure while emphasizing their unique features, is a testament to our dedication to personalized elegance. Plunging neckline does not always mean lots of cleavage. You can distort the plunge with lace while still creating the illusion that elongates the neck.

Gigi’s Bridal is a high vibe sample bridal boutique in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are challenging the traditional look and feel of a bridal boutique. When you buy your wedding dress at Gigi’s Bridal you walk out with more than just your dress. You leave our high vibe boutique with an edge to your confidence and a cherished memory. We thrive on translating your personal style to your wedding day look. Our goal is that you feel like the most confident version of yourself on your wedding day— and when walk out of Gigi’s Bridal.

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