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Modest Wedding Gowns By Way of Alterations

Welcome to Gigi’s Bridal, where we celebrate the joyous journey of finding the perfect wedding dress. At Gigi’s Bridal, we understand that choosing the gown for your special day is a momentous occasion filled with excitement, emotions, and dreams. As a bride-to-be, you deserve an unforgettable experience that reflects your unique style and showcases your inner radiance. In this blog, we aim to simplify your wedding gown shopping experience and equip you with the confidence to discover your bridal look.

If you’re a bride looking for a modest wedding dress but are feeling dismayed with the options you are seeing online or on the racks, this blog is for you. At Gigi’s Bridal we respect religious and cultural modesty values and aim to make sure you are comfortable on your wedding day. 

Whether you are looking for a modest wedding dress look for just the religious ceremony or the whole wedding day, there are two starting points to bear in mind. 

At Gigi’s Bridal we always advocate for honest and open conversation with your bridal stylist. Share your modesty parameters (i.e. sleeves is a must and fitted is okay) to help your stylist pull wedding dresses that either (a) already meet your needs or (b) can be altered into a gown that meets your modesty parameters. 

Partner with an experienced tailor who has extensive experience in wedding gown alterations. The fabric of wedding gowns is sensitive and the intricate detail must be handled delicately. Altering a wedding gown requires a trained eye to understand the vision and an experienced skillset to execute. If the bridal boutique you purchased your wedding gown from does not have an alterations department, oftentimes the store will have a list of local recommended tailors. 

If when trying on wedding gowns you come across any of these features, here are ways that the wedding gown can be altered to achieve a modest look. 

SHEER BODICE & PLUNGING NECKLINES |  Alterations can line the bodice with a fabric that color matches the wedding gown and create a seamless look from the outside that removes the see through effect. 

SLITS | If a wedding dress has an a-line or ball gown silhouette, there is typically enough slack to allow alterations to close up the slit. If the gown you love is fitted with a slit, consider filling in the gap with a lace screen that compliments the remainder of the gown. (see photo below)

SLEEVES | This is the most requested alteration to achieve a modest look. When trying on gowns, use your imagination to envision the gown with the complete look. Often the bridal store may have detachable sleeves to use as a visual of the potential of the final look.If you need a temporary sleeve (i.e. for a religious ceremony), consider opting for a removable option. This can be a lightweight layer such a bolero, shrug, jacket, or shawl that can be worn over the gown for the ceremony then removed for the reception.

Alterations can also sew in clips in the gown where sleeves can be affixed. For a more permanent solution, alterations may be able to pull lace of fabric from another part of the gown to create sleeves. There may even be an option from the designer of the gown to order sleeves directly from the manufacturer. 

LOW BACK | A dramatic low back in often modified for brides who need the added support. Needless to say, a common alteration for wedding gowns is by way of a modesty panel that provides coverage without compromising the essence of the gown.

As always, be up front about what you need and want out of your wedding gown. Effective communication, collaboration, and attention to detail will reach you to your desired outcome. 

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and countless memorable moments. At Gigi’s Bridal, we understand the significance and nuances of this special occasion and strive to create an unforgettable experience for every bride-to-be. Our wide range of exquisite dresses, exceptional customer service, and attention to detail ensures that each bride feels radiant and confident on her wedding day. Whether you're dreaming of a classic ball gown, a sleek and modern silhouette, or a bohemian-inspired creation, we are here to make your vision a reality. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story and help you find the dress that embodies your unique style and personality. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and we are honored to play a role in making it truly a lifetime memory.

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