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Why Sell with Gigi's Bridal

SAFETY | Gigi’s Bridal allows brides-to-be to hold and test the exact items they will purchase in a safe, local, pressure-free environment with zero risk to the safety of the seller.


INSTANT | Once your gown passes quality check, Gigi's Bridal will remit  a check to you immediately. No waiting for a consignment period to close and no waiting for payment. Recuperating costs has never been made easier!

GO GREEN | According to a report by the Global Fashion Agenda in 2018, the fashion industry is responsible for 4% of all the world’s waste each year. That’s 92 million tons, which largely comes from cut offs during the production process. This is where Gigi’s Bridal steps in. We are proud to be part of the solution by giving wedding gowns a another chance at love.

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How to Sell with Gigi's Bridal

Partnering with Gigi's Bridal to sell your wedding gown or accessories can be described in three simple steps

CONTACT | Fill out this form or e-mail Gigi’s Bridal at to gather information about your gown and/or accessories. 

At this time, Gigi's Bridal is only accepting wedding gowns that have never actually been worn in a wedding. Gowns must be unaltered with retailer or designer tags still attached.

INTAKE | We will connect with you to coordinate shipping or drop-off of our items. 

EARN | Price will  be determined on the following criteria: condition, age, worth, and demand. Our goal is to get the best possible price for you. If original receipts are available please provide those as well. Note that generally, new, unworn dresses are discounted 25-35%. 

Gigis Bridal is also very excited to partner with bridal boutiques and wedding designers near and far.

For more information, please contact us directly at

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