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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Gigi's Bridal sell my items/gown?

Our contract together is for the length of 1-year. At the end of the consignment period, you have the option to retrieve any unsold items. If the items are not picked up they become the property of Gigi's Bridal and may be donated.


How do you determine the sale price of my gown?

We set our prices based on the following criteria: condition, age, worth, and demand. Our goal is to get the best possible price for you. If original receipts are available please provide those as well. Note that generally, new, unworn dresses are discounted 25-35%. 

Don't be discouraged if your dress isn't designer, brides across the spectrum are looking to buy used gowns. Dresses that are retailed for $1,000 have as good of a chance of re-selling as those initial priced at $5,000.

How much do I make after my items sell/gown?

After your gown and/or accessories sells we split the selling price with you 50% before sales tax.


How do I get paid?

We mail out checks after the sale of your item/gown directly to the address on our consignment agreement. 


How do I submit my item?

Fill our our Form of Trust with all he necessary details and we will be in touch to arrange shipping or drop-off. (Yes! We do accept items/gowns from near and far.)


What are the requirements of bridal gowns Gigi's Bridal accepts?

Bridal gowns must meet all of the following requirements:

  • All items must be new (never worn in an wedding), unaltered with retailer’s tags 

  • No stains, outdated styling, holes, missing buttons, or hooks, loose buttons or hooks, broken zippers, pilling, fading, lose or torn hems, or torn seams

Will you buy my items?

Gigi's Bridal does not buy your items outright however, we facilitate the sale for you so you do not have to worry about your safety and/or time.

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