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our story

Gigi’s Bridal was first conceptualized in 2019, alongside my mom, Gigi, we had many talks over tea about what a dream bridal boutique would look and feel like. Early in these conversations, we would refer to the boutique in ambiguous names. After some time we decided to use "Gigi's Bridal" as placeholder name to give us something to call our future venture.  At the close of each brainstorming session, we always reached the same conclusion; we wanted Gigi’s Bridal to feel honest. The vision for Gigi’s Bridal would start with values and grow rapidly into something we were both excited about.

My mom’s journey on this Earth ended early 2022. She was a prayerful and elegant Coptic Orthodox Egyptian woman who loved being a mom to three daughters and was proud of the life she built after immigrating from Egypt to the states. She excelled in her healthcare career, providing mentorship and wisdom to those she worked with. She always went above and beyond to help those in need without hesitation and with an abundance of love. She dedicated herself to lifting her community up with her kindness and grace. 


Gigi’s Bridal represents our shared love for elegance and belief that business, above all else, should be honest. 

At Gigi's Bridal we advocate for not honest business but also being true to oneself. We aim to translate your personal style into a wedding look that is a reflection of your inner beauty and confidence. 

Wedding Pro Fellowship for Change
Wedding MBA
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